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Convenient, easy-to-use administrative tools

Manage employee information, print a PDF version of the directory, and review an employee's recognitions.

Everything needed to manage recognition programs in one place

Send an award notification, order for an employee, and print letters and certificates with a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your finger.

Timely, relevant, social recognition

Instantly recognize an employee for a job well done or an entire department for their work on the company message board.

Better connect and engage your employees

Peers are able to see, reply to, and high five recognitions and award notifications in real-time on the company message board.

A digital award catalog that's up-to-date and simple to use

Easy access to the award catalog from an employee's award notification email or linked to from the company message board notification.
Social Recognition
Peer Recognition Visibility
Company Message Board
Company News
Three Permission Levels
Program Administrator Tools
Auto-Generated Monthly Reports
Anniversary Dates & Birthdays Management
Digital Award Selection & Fulfillment
Print Certificates, Letters, Catalogs & Order Forms
Tablet & Mobile Friendly
Service, Sales, Safety Program Support
Company Directory
Employee Award Tools
Employee Award Case
Employee Award Email Notification

Compare Regal Connect & Regal Select

System Features: Regal Connect Regal Select
Company Directory
Program Administrator Tools
Auto-Generated Monthly Reports
Anniversary Dates & Birthdays Management
Print Certificates, Letters, Catalogs & Order Forms
Service, Sales, Safety Program Support
Employee Award Tools
Employee Award Case
Three Permission Levels
Digital Award Selection Fulfillment
Tablet & Mobile Friendly
Social Recognition
Peer Recognition Visibility
Company Message Board
Company News

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Companies with ENGAGED EMPLOYEES outperform those without by UP TO 202%.
Source: Gallup

Why Regal?

We've combined the knowledge gained doing business and satisfying clients for over 50 years – with a robust, easy-to-use, and effective cloud-based recognition software.

Together, we're able to combat employee disengagement, help you positively influence company culture, and bridge the workplace generation gap – which in turn increases productivity, safety, quality, and most importantly, profitability.
We're your new best friends.

Over 50 years of experience & thousands of happy clients.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, delivering on time, producing creative and memorable ideas, and developing solutions based on a company's real needs.

Simply put, we are a solution machine.
We listen. We strategize. We solve. We support.

Recognition strategies customized for your business needs.

The Recognition Cog - Human Resources | Managers | Employees | Regal Awards We know that no two businesses are the exactly the same. What works for one company, may not work for another. So from the beginning, we'll listen to what type of recognition programs you currently have in place, where you're struggling, and how you're succeeding. We'll use that information to develop a strategy that fits your business and will best engage your employees.

Meet our Director of Recognition

Dan Jackson utilizes nearly a decade of experience in the human capital development field to help organizations accomplish their goals. He designs, develops, and coordinates customized recognition strategies and programs in order for organizations to maximize their workforce productivity and profitablity. There are more challenges with employees today than ever before. Currently there are four generations in the workplace which can lead to major disconnects between all levels throughout an organization. Studies indicate employee engagement is at an all time low due to these disconnects. This is cause for alarm, so we created Regal Connect to engage and reconnect an organization's workforce.
70% of employees are NOT ENGAGED or ACTIVELY DISENGAGED.
Source: Gallup Study on the State of the Global Workforce

Recognition Matters.

Are your employees engaged?

Studies prove organizations with meaningful recognition programs have more engaged employees. What does more engaged employees do for your business?

According to Gallup's Q12 Survey of Employee Engagement, high levels of engagement translate to 22% higher profitability.

That's what engaged employees do.
They help businesses be more profitable.
Don't you want to be more profitable?
Workgroups with high levels of engagement experience: 22% Higher Profitability; 21% Higher Productivity; 37% Lower Absenteeism; 48% Fewer Safety Incidents; 41% Fewer Defects -- * Results part of Gallup's Q12 Survey of Employee Engagement

Thank you. We really appreciate the last 10 years of contributions you've made here.

Years of Service Award How are you currently managing your years of service programs?

With our software, once employee information has been entered into your company directory, our system keeps track of anniversary dates and automatically sends timely recognition in the form of email and message board notifications.

Don't worry about missing anniversary dates anymore.

Congratulations! You've been a driving force in building our sales this year.

Sales Achievement Award By recognizing sales achievements, you can build company morale and positively influence and inspire new employees by recognizing employees that reach sales goals or land a big client.

With our software, managers are able to instantly recognize employees on the message board for the entire department to see – giving everyone the ability to add to that recognition through comments and "high-fives".

You're now both recognizing achievements and increasing profitability.

Way to go! We just finished the Smith project with no safety incidents.

Safety Award Workgroups with high levels of employee engagement experience 48% fewer safety incidents.*

To properly engage employees on reaching your safety goals, once a goal or milestone is reached, that achievement needs to be recognized within a few hours or days. The more time goes by, the less effective the recognition will be in influencing others.

With our software, effective and timely recognition is only a few mouse clicks away.

Start recognizing achievements the moment they happen.

* Results part of Gallup's Q12 Survey of Employee Engagement
2.5x MORE REVENUES for companies with ENGAGED EMPLOYEES vs competitors with low engagement levels.
Source: Hay Group Study

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